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The ability of the College of Islamic Studies (CIS) at Hamad Bin Khalifa University (HBKU) to frame contemporary debates on Islam in a global context has been boosted by the findings of a recent peer-reviewed journal article.
Published by the Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, ‘A Survey of Islamic Finance – Influences and Influencers’ investigates contributions made by authors, institutions and countries to a growing body of Islamic finance literature.
The article specifically focuses on almost 250 papers published since 2015 as developed by 406 authors associated with 280 institutions from 57 countries. These parameters provide the basis for ranking the global footprint and impact of authors and institutions based on paper downloads and citations.

‘A Survey of Islamic Finance – Influences and Influencers’ places two CIS faculty members at the top of their research areas and interests.
Dr Mustafa Disli ranks at number five for total downloads and citations of Islamic banking themed papers. The assistant professor of Economics and Finance also places at number 12 in the ranking of all Islamic finance-themed papers.
He is accompanied on both lists by Dr Ahmet F. Aysan, professor and programme coordinator of the PhD programme in Islamic Finance and Economy, placed at numbers six and 15 respectively.
Regarding the journal findings, Dr Remah Gharib, associate dean for Academic and Student Affairs, CIS, said: “We would like to congratulate our colleagues for this remarkable achievement. Not only is it fantastic to see them mentioned alongside esteemed academics from around the world, it also enhances the reputation of our programmes and research activities.
“Looking ahead, CIS is working hard and successfully in attracting and retaining the best faculty in their fields to maintain such recognition in global rankings. This will not only solidify the CIS’ place at the forefront of contemporary Islamic debates, but also make a solid contribution to HBKU’s efforts to grow its global footprint.”