ISFIRE What is ISFIRE? Islamic Finance Review (ISFIRE) is a bi-monthly magazine, produced in a popular style yet retaining authenticity and accuracy of current issues in Islamic banking and finance industry. Among other things, ISFIRE highlights the achievements and success stories of leading institutions and individuals in Islamic banking and finance. As an official publication of Islamic Bankers Association (IBA), it is widely distributed among Islamic banking and finance professionals. Under the editorship of Dr Sofiza Azmi and produced by the most able team of Islamic finance experts in the world, ISFIRE is widely respected for its unique approach to disseminating Islamic financial intelligence. ISFIRE provides a review of Islamic finance industry and present an independent view on the issues that arise in the short to medium term. ISFIRE celebrates success stories of the individuals as well as institutions that may have relevance and are assisting the development of Islamic banking and finance. ISFIRE is an excellent tool to target potential banks and financial institutions offering their services globally. WEB :
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Africa Fintech Network With More than 32 Registered Associations The idea for an Africa Fintech Network was initiated on 24th January 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria, during an African Fintech leaders’ roundtable, attended by Fintech leaders, regulators from seven African countries and partners from other countries on the eve of the National Fintech Conference.
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Africa Islamic Fintech Hub
Africa Islamic Fintech Hub is a platform for accelerating innovation in Islamic finance industry in Africa through Financial Technology, capital mobilization and collaboration with the objective of positioning Islamic finance as an instrument of financial inclusion, poverty alleviation and economic development in Africa.

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Fintech Prize 2020 London United Kingdom Fintech Europe Africa MENA Gulf Asia America Payment FintechList

Path Solutions

Fintech Prize 2020 islamic MENA Africa HQDubai HQKuwait BankTech FintechList

Mohammed Kateeb

Fintech Prize 2020 Spain Wealth Management Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Banktech Leaderlist Speaker

Umar Munshi

Fintech Prize 2020 Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Leaderlist Speaker

Mughees Shaukat

Fintech Prize 2020 Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Leaderlist Speaker


Fintech Prize 2020 Bahrain Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America FintechList


Fintech Prize 2020 HQAfrica Africa Startup Fintech Mobile Ghana Startup FintechList


Fintech Prize 2020 Spain Startup Welath Management Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Startup turkish FintechList startup-turk


Fintech Prize 2020 Startup Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Startup FintechList

Minhaj UNV

Fintech Prize 2020 Asia


Fintech Prize 2020 Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia FintechList

Africa Fintech Tour

Fintech Prize 2020 Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America startup FintechList


Fintech Prize 2020 Spain Startup Welath Management Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Startup FintechList turkish startup-turk


Cyber Security AI-Artificial-Intelligence Machine-Learning Startup turkish startup-turk


Cyber Security AI-Artificial-Intelligence Machine-Learning Startup HSM turkish startup-turk

House of Ventures

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What is Omofis ?
Omofis is a solution designed to virtualize the workplace, visualize the team, and gamify the work.
Why Omofis ?
Omofis is for employees as much is it is for employers. The existing products on the market offer similar advantages. Assign tasks, add due date, track the status, track deadlines, and monitor if the project is on the right track. There is not much in these for employees except the same old task management capabilities. If a workplace is also a place to have fun, a virtual workplace should be the same. Omofis offers a virtual environment that teams can collaborate, compete, rewarded, and differentiate themselves.

How Omofis works ?
With built-in task manager or through integrations with the popular task management tools, Omofis visualizes your teams' workload. You can view your team's activity and status instantly. Users can track their time by selecting the task they are spending time. Managers have the full visibility of ongoing tasks with the virtual office dashboard.
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AAOIFI, established in 1991 and based in Bahrain, is the leading international not-for-profit organization primarily responsible for development and issuance of standards for the global Islamic finance industry. It has issued a total of 100 standards in the areas of Shari'ah, accounting, auditing, ethics and governance for international Islamic finance. It is supported by a number of institutional members, including central banks and regulatory authorities, financial institutions, accounting and auditing firms, and legal firms, from over 45 countries.

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Fintech Prize 2020 Spain Startup Wealth Management Fintech Europe MENA Gulf Asia America Startup