Ahmed Albalooshi
Fintech ICT Services
Bahrain, MENA, Gulf

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Dr.Safa Nassereldin
General Secretar Alquds University

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Said Sabri
Regional Partner & Representative at FasterCapital

30march2022 invest vc capital consultant advisor palestine mena dubai uae islamic journalist Fintech expert with Palestinian monetary Authoity Mr. Sabri is an eminent expert on innovation and SMEs. He has provided consultancy to leading international development agencies including USAID, the World Bank, JICA, and GTZ. In addition, in his previous capacity, Mr. Sabri had provided intensive consultation to the Ministry National of Economy and Agriculture as Advisor to Minister on Strategies, and other related Agencies in the PA with respect to promoting Industrial Parks to International Business, including not limited to create the first business development center which includes business incubators in his early assignments through a work that was conducted with German Organization. Currently, working as Consultant in the area of economic development and in particular: Enterprounor development in Jerusalem and West bank, by conducting Capacity building, technical assistance and coaching to women enterpriser in various areas, Trade and development is part of my company business scope, Regional Partner to Startup Business incubator ( Based in Dubai) – Faster capital, and we are providing consultation to local business and industries in particular Agriculture in market linkages and business development in addition to Financial assessment and financing plan, Extended experience in co-financing business, and designing Grants, develop systems in business cycle development, Building co-financing blending machnaisim with banks Our local partners we have a huge number of business that are benefiting from our services, and we are working with the Italian Government and EU currently in short term and medium-term assignments Certified Mentor, Management, Business Development, Marketing, assessors. Holds, Ph.D. in Small & Medium Business, Master in Marketing and Financial from world-leading Educational Institutions Investment promotion and Investment marketing pioneer, over than 15 years in attracting investments, Private equities, VC’s and Angel investors to Startups and business worldwide, a member in various Business Forms internationally and provides all type of business instruments to attract a small-medium and large form of investment. Qualified & Certified Coacher for Entrepreneur by MOWGLI International, served over than 1400 different business in Palestine and in the region, in various areas: IT development, Agriculture, and Agri-business, Cosmetics, Clothing business, Construction, Marble and stone, Leather Factories, Steal factors, Plastic Factory, Green Energy, Water and environment, SME business, Electronics, Logistics, Fluent in English, Arabic, and Italian.

Executive Consultant, Banking and Financial Services

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Managing Partner at Systems Company for Consultancy

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Oman Board Member

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Kemal Rizadi Arbi
Advisor (Capital Markets & Islamic Finance) | Investment Banker | An Actuary By Training

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Ali AlMeshal
Head of Digital Business and Innovation at CrediMax

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Raid Bader
Fincore CEO

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Ibrahim Housheya
Fincore Co-Founder & Entrepreneur

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Mohammed Al-Rashidi
Next Tech (Data, Blockchain (DeFi), AI and Robotics/IOT)

Blockchain kuwait gulf gcc mena arabic Mohammed is a Founder of Multiple ventures in Telcom, mContent, mHealth, mTourism, mEducation, mGovernment and Fintech. All his ventures are addressed under its Group One Global (Og), an idea Generation and incubation venture with business model adoption to the market needs and future growth. Og is a Multi Vertical markets digital inclusion platform. Mohammed as an aspiring entrepreneur with passion to mobilisation of lifestyle services. He acts as a transformer to the current infrastructure of verticals markets. Diversity and unity of Og Group makes it's mission towards its "One" Vision achievable in 2020 Mohammed, Founded Og Money (Formerly known as Payit), a mobile financial & Payment platform with strong presence in more than 12 countries cross GCC, Middle East,offering Payments, Merchant services, mPos, Mobile banking switch, Mobile Wallet and Money Transfer. Mohammed invented recently a patent in Fintech industry registered in US and other countries for performing a card presence Transaction on the cloud. Mohammed driven by his philosophy,which is: Performing a mission is always requires brains and machines, automation of resources and map of thinking to processes to be successful. Mohammed has two main goals out of his philosophy: - Streamlining operation processes cross the vertical markets. - Encouraging more innovation throughout the investment in earliest stage Tech companies. He also serves as a Board member in Many companies that are in the Tech Industry and New Telecom Technologies businesses. On June 2017, Mohammed Started with disrupting Og before others do by setting up an Innovation Lab for experimenting and simulating disrupting technologies such as Blockchain, cryptocurrency, Ultrasonic, IOT, ML, DL, AI and other confidential plans under platform Called Og X. With this lab Og can maintain sustainability and achieve its ONE vision. vendor cxo-ceo

Mohamed Roushdy
Experienced CIO | Fintech | Proptech | Blockchain Enthusiast

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Mohammed Kateeb
Global Head of Islamic Banking Middle East & Africa / AZENTIO

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Islamic Finance CBFS
Oman, Gulf, MENA

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Khaled Sallam
Cards & Payments | Fintech | BlockChain

bank fintech oracle UAE Dubai MENA speaker Fintech startup MENTOR A professional experience in the payment industry and financial transaction processing. Specialties: - Payments - FinTech - Digital - Banking - Business Analysis - Business Process Management - Project Management - Software Development - ATM - POS - eCommerce - Payment Switches Group Leader - Switch, Cards, Acquiring, & Public Sector Payments, IT DepartmentGroup Leader - Switch, Cards, Acquiring, & Public Sector Payments, IT Department Commercial Bank of Dubai · Full-timeCommercial Bank of Dubai · Full-time Apr 2019 - May 2021 · 2 yrs 2 mosApr 2019 - May 2021 · 2 yrs 2 mos Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDubai, United Arab Emirates Mawarid Technology logo Mawarid TechnologyMawarid Technology 3 yrs 3 mos3 yrs 3 mos Operations Manager - QuickNet LLCOperations Manager - QuickNet LLC Jan 2017 - Mar 2019 · 2 yrs 3 mosJan 2017 - Mar 2019 · 2 yrs 3 mos Dubai, United Arab EmiratesDubai, United Arab Emirates Technical Consultant - Payments - TACME LLCTechnical Consultant - Payments - TACME LLC Jan 2016 - Mar 2019 · 3 yrs 3 mosJan 2016 - Mar 2019 · 3 yrs 3 mos United Arab EmiratesUnited Arab Emirates BITEL EMEA logo EFT Implementation and Support Team LeaderEFT Implementation and Support Team Leader BITEL EMEABITEL EMEA Jul 2015 - Dec 2015 · 6 mosJul 2015 - Dec 2015 · 6 mos EgyptEgypt Financial Service Company - FSC logo Senior Software DeveloperSenior Software Developer Financial Service Company - FSCFinancial Service Company - FSC Jul 2014 - Jun 2015 · 1 yrJul 2014 - Jun 2015 · 1 yr EgyptEgypt The German University in Cairo logo Senior System DeveloperSenior System Developer German University in CairoGerman University in Cairo Dec 2010 - Jul 2014 · 3 yrs 8 mosDec 2010 - Jul 2014 · 3 yrs 8 mos EgyptEgypt National Technology Group logo Software Development EngineerSoftware Development Engineer National Technology Group · Full-timeNational Technology Group · Full-time Jun 2008 - Nov 2010 · 2 yrs 6 mosJun 2008 - Nov 2010 · 2 yrs 6 mos Cairo, EgyptCairo, Egypt Web DeveloperWeb Developer Egypt youth and Pupils Association - EYPAEgypt youth and Pupils Association - EYPA Nov 2007 - May 2008 · 7 mosNov 2007 - May 2008 · 7 mos EgyptEgypt Software DeveloperSoftware Developer Network Processing Company NPCNetwork Processing Company NPC Jun 2007 - Oct 2007 · 5 mosJun 2007 - Oct 2007 · 5 mos EgyptEgypt Freelance IT InstructorFreelance IT Instructor Multiple CompaniesMultiple Companies Jul 2006 - May 2007 · 11 mosJul 2006 - May 2007 · 11 mos Egypt

Ramy AlDamati
Founder | CSO | CTO | Chapter President | Advisor | Startup Mentor |

pttg palestine uae Founder | Co-Founder/CSO | CTO | Advisor | Influencer | Leader | Executive | Chapter President | Speaker | Trainer : in Emerging Technologies (CyberSecurity, Blockchain, AI, FinTech, IoT) Ramy AlDamati is a leading expert in Cybersecurity, Blockchain, FinTech, and EmTech competency building, with over 20-year experience in organizational Cybersecurity Consulting in multiple Governments agencies, public and private sectors, Financial, Oil/Gas, and international bodies, and get engaged in multiple International forensics investigations. For several years, Ramy AlDamati served as Specialized Emerging Technology Professional & Academic Trainer, Consultant, Project Manager helping professionals or Organizations across the world in their upskilling & Reskilling requirements or Digital/Business transformation journey, His skills and expertise include Cybersecurity Investigation, regulatory compliance, AML, investment advisory, and Learning and Development. - Experienced Founder | Co-Founder/CSO | CTO : with a demonstrated history of working in the Emerging Technologies, Skilled in Negotiation, Business Planning,Start-ups methodologies, business development professional, Project Lifecycle Management, Security Planning, Requirements Analysis, Budget, Administrations, Quality Assurance, Agile framework, Product Development, SaaS , DevOps , UX, Strategy, Operation Readiness, Team Expansion, Project Planning,Team Building, Coaching, Recruiting, E-Learning, Content Development - Experienced Trainer : Skilled in Training & Development. Delivered multiple Training (in EN & AR ) in AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DLTs, FinTech, Blockchain Cybersecurity, and more. As a Co-Founder of (AlBrza – Social Network for Business), the Emirati Platform & the first of its kind in the world, which brings together future initiatives to inline with the UAE vision & the directives of the rational government in to see the UAE Government Centennial Plan (2071), his aim to make it the Only Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurship focused Platform in the world supporting people becoming digitally fluent to be able to act as successful citizens in whatever contexts they choose for themselves, by Developing their Digital Fluency, Future competencies & Facilitating Connections, Collaboration, and Business Generation among members.

Ashraf AlAstal
Digital Transformation|Innovation & Incubation Expert|WSA National Expert (Palestine)|1plus1 Founder|iPark EcoSystem

pttg palestine startup invest fund incubation acceleration growth mentor advisor Ashraf is a leading expert with a solid background in Blockchain, Financial Technologies, and Innovation fields with over +25 years of experience in pixel perfection performance. His ability to direct technical and business teams supported by an MBA in Business Administration and B.Sc. in Computer Engineering in addition to multiple professional certificates in the fields of Project Management and Emerging Technologies. He is having an international recognition and senior memberships from multiple organizations and initiatives; and participated as a judge for many national and international initiatives. Moreover, he has been awarded multiple prizes for his outstanding performance in addition to an advanced achievements in different business development competitions. Ashraf achievements include academic and research papers and books. Currently, he is working as a Business Development Advisor and as a Visiting Lecturer in the national universities. Core expertise includes: Blockchain / Financial Technologies / eCommerce / Digital Transformation Start-ups / Entrepreneurship / Incubation & Acceleration / Business Continuity Marketing / Disaster Recovery / Project Management / Business Simulation & Modelling Business & Academic Research / Strategic Planning / Open & Closed Innovation